Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I was blogged! scroll down a bit! A google translation is here:
Handmer Casey, an Australian, riding from China via Mongolia and Siberia all Magadan, fit in a Junior Hospitality Club CouchSurfing about which I wrote a little earlier. Sydney, Casey has traveled decently for his 22 years, even in Russia is the second time, the physics and autumn comes to postgraduate study in the University of Pasadena, yes, the one where zadrotstvuyut Leonard, Sheldon & Co., to study gravity. As it turns out, Casey himself zadrot yet he told a lot of fascinating stories about the cosmic background radiation, black hole, the colonization of Mars, particularly alternative energy in a far north and was even able to literally on his fingers to explain the fundamentals of quantum physics. In general, interesting people, like the absolute majority of those 
meet a traveling or hosting a visit. Bon voyage. 

PS: And we are engaged in an amusing project, will soon find out the details on Joker.Ykt.Ru. Follow the news!

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