Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fog, rain, snow, wind.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the weather has continued to be miserable, and helicopters are not working. Just my luck that I can't blow my life's savings on a 3 hour flight to some glorified conical pile of rocks! In the meantime I've visited places of interest, eaten pancakes, and walked around a bit. I managed to get iliotibial band friction, I'm not sure how (probably sitting badly on a bus), which has limited my walking range. Fortunately there are buses in the city, which I've taken around the place. Visited the music college and played their piano, but it was no comparison to the one in Magadan. Also yesterday visited the institute for volcanology, and used my lack of Russian to fail to understand 'no, the museum is closed' until they let me in. :) 

In the meantime have continued to upload photos - the album covering the Kolyma highway is now complete! Yay! It can be viewed here:

I also had some friends over at different times for dinner, which I improvised given available ingredients and which turned out quite well. 

With any luck helicopters will fly today or tomorrow, and my leg will be good enough to climb Gorely (which is currently erupting whee!!) and Mutnovsky (which has waterfalls, glaciers, sulfur flowers, fumaroles, and hasn't erupted in 17 years).

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  1. Speaking of the weather in kamchatka, for kamchadals (the inhabitant of Kamchatka, the Russian equivalent was derived from kacmhalo, the name that was used by the Koryaks for Itelmens), or kamchatkans, as you want,the weather is miserable ( in summer), when the wind is so strong that people who weigh less then 49,57 kg acquire ability to fly, the rain is so heavy that people can swim.
    When it's foggy, cloudy, a bit windy and it drizzles, - that's fine!! What a lovely day!! i can go out without being extended upon the wind? i am lucky!!
    When the sun is shining, - that's beyond one's wildest dreams, that's the cherry on the cake!


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