Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I forgot to say

It was a long post! I left some stuff out.

Because of ground subsidence problems, all the buildings in Nizhneangarsk are wood and 2 stories, the town is very long and skinny, maybe 20km long and 200m wide on the narrow strip between steep mountains and marsh. Also, the center of BAM building moved to Severobaikalsk (previously meant only as a temporary worker's settlement), and it's now a large city. At first glance, the soviet blocks appear like any others. On second glance, they resemble those of central asia. Built with lots of corners to withstand powerful earthquakes, they also lack adaptations to cold climates (central asia is hot) such as a balcony to store food in in winter. Many places have small window boxes to store stuff in, but I imagine if you had a fishing line you could get a free dinner from the floor below. The whole city was only built since 1976, and largely finished by 1984 probably.Apartments are built to enclose large central courtyards with play equipment. In winter less snow accumulates. There are short stairs to nowhere for people to throw their garbage into the back of the truck.

I can't remember if I forgot anything else.

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